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Windows 7 Tour – More pictures

It seems that on every occasion at least one demo has to fail. So yesterday in Sundsvall I personally took care of killing the RD-connection in the control panel before failing to add it again. Didn’t change anything for todays demo and it worked flawlessly in Borlänge. On the other hand my third clusternode decided to not answer on any kind of traffic, including RD, ping, MMC or cluster traffic. Needless to say that demo failed too.

As a preparation for Stockholm I’ve decided to sacrifice Anders to the demo-gods and let someone from the audience run his demos instead. Or maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and hope for the best.

Here are some pictures from Sundsvall and Borlänge. (Don’t miss the old overhead-machine on one of the pictures from the kitchen, nostalgia!)

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Windows 7 Tour – Day 1

After a nights demo-setups and a day filled with mostly good demos (sorry for the Applocker-crash Umeå) we jumped in the car for a ride to Sundsvall. We had dinner at All Stars (great meat, perfectly cooked!), and now we’ve rigged everything and made sure that it (hopefully) works tomorrow!

As promised in Umeå, here are some pictures from todays event:

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And if there are any questions, you can email me or use the contact form 🙂

The slides (with speaker notes for the technical content) will be available when the tour is done.

Windows 7 Tour

Knowledge Factory, Atea and Cornerstone will this fall visit 7 cities in Sweden on the Windows 7 Tour.

We’ll show you Microsofts new client operating system Windows 7 in cooperation with their simultaneously released server operating system Windows Server 2008 R2. On top of this we’ll add the management software suite available from Microsoft and show you why they’re stronger together.

Anders Bengtsson from Atea
Lasse Frändeby from Cornerstone
Me (Joachim Nässlander) from Knowledge Factory

City / Date
Umeå 12/10
Sundsvall 13/10
Borlänge 14/10
Stockholm 15/10
Malmö 20/10
Göteborg 21/10
Karlskrona 22/10

Tour site (in Swedish): http://www.cornerstone.se/sv/ExpertZone/Windows7/tour/