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IT-Consultant of the year!

At IT Business Awards in Stockholm today I got selected as the IT-Consultant of the year in Sweden. The award is given by IT24 and the paper IT.Branschen, both published by IDG.

Having worked in this business for over 12 years now, it’s nice to see that someone recognizes not only me but all the people nominated. I’d guess that we all work very hard to deliver best value and solutions to our customers.

I’ll start off with saying thank you to my girlfriend, the kids and my sister & brother, I wouldn’t be here without their support through both good and bad times.

I’d like to thank IDG for the award, together with my colleagues and customers for your support/trust/friendship. That goes for my current colleagues as well as former ones, you guys know who you are! I’d also like to include a whole bunch of people from Microsoft for their support: Liselotte, Eva, Ulf, Michael & Michael. Others who deserve a thank you are Louise and Jaqueline for pushing and coaching.

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.

Read more at: (SWE) http://www.idg.se/2.1085/1.273710/it-business-awards—har-ar-vinnarna?showGallery=true&img=5#selected
See images at: http://www.facebook.com/#/album.php?aid=124498&id=179578104541
See video at: http://tv.idg.se/2.8683/1.274094/sa-var-it-business-awards-2009