How to fool Windows 8 into using your SD-card in the media applications

Running Windows 8? Want to use the SD-card slot with the Music or Movies-applications in Windows 8? Windows Media Player won’t include stuff in the library that’s stored on removable storage so here’s how to fool it!

Create a VHD on an SD-card (or USB, but that’ll stick out of your Slate (which I’m running)).

To create a VHD using diskpart follow these steps:

  1. Insert your SD-card or USB and note the driveletter it receives. Substitute “C:” below with that letter.
  2. Run CMD, start diskpart
  3. create vdisk file=”C:vdisksmediadisk.vhd” maximum=16000 (Creates a VHD on C: with maximum size 16000 MBs)
  4. attach vdisk (attaches it to your computer)
  5. create partition primary (creates a primary partition)
  6. assign letter=z (assigns the letter z to it)
  7. format fs=ntfs quick (quick formats the VHD with NTFS)

Start Notepad and copy and paste the script below, save this script into “mount.bat” or something similar.

set dpscript="%TEMP%dpscript.txt"
echo select vdisk file="w:mediadisk.vhd" > %DiskPartScript%
echo attach vdisk >> %dpscript%
DiskPart /s %dpscript%

To make sure your computer mounts your VHD automatically we’ll add the script to the startup scripts in the Local Group Policy Editor:

  1. Start it by pressing Windows+R and typing gpedit.msc into the box.
  2. Browse to Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)
  3. Doubleclick Startup
  4. Browse to where you saved your script
  5. Ok all the way out to the MMC
  6. Reboot
  7. If it worked your VHD shall now be mounted with a driveletter









To get some content into your applications you’ll need to create some folders in your VHD. I’ve named mine “Movies” and “Music”. Into these I’ve copied, you guessed it, movies and music.

These folders then need to be added into the libraries in Windows 8.

  1. Do this by starting Explorer, browse to your directories, right click and choose “Include in library”.
  2. Select the appropriate library.
  3. To speed things up you can after this go into Windows Media Player to verify or rescan that your files are added.

Once they are, they’ll be included in the Movies and Music apps in Windows 8 too.

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