TechEd Berlin 2010 – Day 1 & 2

Had a great start of day 1, slept until 10.00 and then had a tremendous breakfast with my colleague Axell. We then embarked on our tour of Berlin with u-bahn and s-bahn to find our way to the Messe. Check-in went fast and we did a small tour of the venue before I started my search for the two servers sent here by Dell. Of course I found them in our booth so I’ve spent most of my day there coding a PowerShell script for creating a cluster. Since I didn’t know any PowerShell at all this morning I feel like I’ve learned a lot today.

Now the welcome reception has started so I’m having a beer with some old and new friends from Sweden, waiting for this thing to end so I can get some food… Missed lunch so for those of you who know me, it’s about time to eat something before I kill someone…

Day two started off with a sick Axell so I had to leave him behind after breakfast. Found my way to the S-bahn and didn’t have to switch trains once… Today I’ve completed my PS-script and learned some new stuff, checked out some of the Azure offerings and gathered info on that private cloud-thingie. Met a lot of interesting ppl from Microsoft so already by now this trip has paid off.

Tonight we have the MVP-dinner and then the Community-party, might be a little, little tired tomorrow morning.

Random pics:

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