TechEd Berlin 2010 – Day 1 & 2

Had a great start of day 1, slept until 10.00 and then had a tremendous breakfast with my colleague Axell. We then embarked on our tour of Berlin with u-bahn and s-bahn to find our way to the Messe. Check-in went fast and we did a small tour of the venue before I started my search for the two servers sent here by Dell. Of course I found them in our booth so I’ve spent most of my day there coding a PowerShell script for creating a cluster. Since I didn’t know any PowerShell at all this morning I feel like I’ve learned a lot today.

Now the welcome reception has started so I’m having a beer with some old and new friends from Sweden, waiting for this thing to end so I can get some food… Missed lunch so for those of you who know me, it’s about time to eat something before I kill someone…

Day two started off with a sick Axell so I had to leave him behind after breakfast. Found my way to the S-bahn and didn’t have to switch trains once… Today I’ve completed my PS-script and learned some new stuff, checked out some of the Azure offerings and gathered info on that private cloud-thingie. Met a lot of interesting ppl from Microsoft so already by now this trip has paid off.

Tonight we have the MVP-dinner and then the Community-party, might be a little, little tired tomorrow morning.

Random pics:

Preparing for TechEd 2010 in Berlin

Getting ready for TechEd in Berlin, last year was a blast so I’m hoping for this year to be just as good!

I have a session with Symon Perriman from Microsoft on failover clustering, I’ve written some demo-scripts in PowerShell which I’ll share with you once our session is done. You might have read my previous post on cluster-related sessions at TechEd, if you’ve missed it – check it out and be sure to see some of them. More and more workloads are clusterable (is that a word?) so it’s time to learn it.

I’ve come to realize that PowerShell is great and will continue to explore that track at TechEd, I’m actually learning stuff here! Another thing I just started to play with is Opalis, had day one of a two day walkthrough today and the product has potential. I’ve found some things that might need a fix though, mostly things that are wrong in the documentation but that still sets you off during implementation… Will file it through Connect, might have a fix in the next version 😉 (Thx Anders!)

If you don’t know which sessions to see I can of course recommend mine, and there are a lot of other Swedes having sessions, like Arvidmark, Murray and Nyström.

Also, don’t miss the party at Solar on Wednesday. You need to sign up for it, do that here (Swedes only).