TechEd New Orleans – Day 2

Left the convention center right after my TLC-duty yesterday to work on my demo. Spent a few hours in front of the computer and then decided to have dinner with Lidholm/Lindström/Edman, my partners in crime. My plan for dinner and one beer didn’t hold up so I came back to the hotel around 11 PM for some more demo work. Got up at 6 AM to finish the scripts, have breakfast and get ready.

My session went ok, one demo failed (which is a must, there’s always one that fails). Other than that my evals were “ok”, I missed out on the stuff that I should’ve thought about. Like font size, not zooming in and such easy things. Didn’t think of the fact that the session rooms here are like 4 times the size compared to Sweden. I know that now 🙂

The rest of the day will be spent in the Clustering TLC-booth, if you’re around and have a question or just wanna say hi you know where I’m at. Tonight we’ll go shopping, and we probably will end up at Bourbon Street like the rest of the attendees here…

If you’re not in New Orleans but wanna be part of it you can always watch where Channel9 broadcasts live interviews. You can also find a lot of other content there.

Some other useful stuff I’ve learned today:
The System Center stuff found over at will give you documentation and VHD’s for trying out / demonstrating System Center software. It’s on Connect as you can see, so you’ll need to sign in / sign up as usual on Connect.

Microsoft will support memory over-“allocation” (the term varies a little depending on how you see it) together with USB-devices in Hyper-V (through RDP-connected clients that is, not on the host-level). Full article here.

If you’re running Hyper-V and System Center Operations Manager you might be interested in the free management pack for Hyper-V. You can find that over at!

And last but not least: Analyzing storage performance in Hyper-V or just monitoring performance, two really good articles.

Now, TLC-booth duty!

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