Core Configuration Console R2

The latest release of CCC is for R2-versions of 2008 ONLY. This is because the syntax of certain commands have changed, so we decided to not autodetect and fork in this case since the if/else-handling in batch-files leaves a lot to wish for.

If you still want CCC for the old Core-version it’s still available under downloads also.

Features in the latest version have expanded a little and now the list looks like this:

Computer Settings
Network And Disk Configuration
Network Configuration
Manual Configuration
DHCP Configuration
Disable Network Connection
Enable Network Connection
Speed – Duplex (not working)
Disk Configuration
Create Partition
Format Volume
Change Drive Letter
List Volumes
List Disks
List PageFile
Config Pagefile
More Options
Turn On Automatic Pagefile
iSCSI Start Graphical Client [ NEW IN R2 ]
iSCSI Start Service
iSCSI Add Targetportal
iSCSI List Targets
iSCSI Logon Target
iSCSI Add Persistent Target
More Options
iSCSI Remove Target Portal
iSCSI Remove Target
iSCSI List Persistent Target
Task Manager
Screen Resolution
Server Information
Change Current Local User Password
Change Server Name
License Options
Windows Update
Domain Settings
Join Domain
Disjoin Domain
Change Workgroup
Control Panel
Regional and Language Settings
Time And Date Settings
List Installed Applications
iSCSI Control Panel
Multipath IO Control Panel [ NEW IN R2 ]
Firewall / Remote Settings
RDS Admin Enable/Disable
Remote Event Viewer Enable/Disable
Remote Service Mgmt Enable / Disable
Remote Shared Folder Enable / Disable
Remote Scheduled Tasks Enable / Disable
Remote Reliability and Performance Enable / Disable
Remote Volume Mgmt Enable / Disable
More Choices
Remote windows Firewall Mgmt Enable / Disable
WinRM Enable / Disable
Firewall Enable / Disable
Firewall Status
Roles And Features
List Installed Roles/Features
List Installed Roles/Features without IIS
List Not Installed Roles/Features
List Not Installed Roles/Features without IIS
Search For Roles/Features
Search And Add Roles/Features [ NEW IN R2 ]
Search And Remove Roles/Features [ NEW IN R2 ]
Help on installing Roles/Features
Quick Config
Will run quick configuration guide (ip, rename computer, reboot, join domain)
CCC Settings
Install CCCR2 in Windows-folder
Register in Path
Enable Autostart
Disable Autostart
About CCCR2
Shutdown / Reboot / Logoff

Download CCC and CCCR2 here!

0 thoughts on “Core Configuration Console R2”

  1. Hi, you mentioned a new R2 CCC feature, which is: Search And Add Roles/Features
    Does that mean we can actually add other roles like “network policy and access services” to 2008 R2 Core installation?
    I am particularly interested in adding the routing Role to R2 Core installations in order to build a “small footprint” router VM running 2008 R2 core to use in my VMware test environment. Any thoughts or possible Hacks?

  2. Hi!

    No, the meaning of “search and add” is that to add a role or feature dism.exe or ocsetup.exe must have the EXACT name of the feature. Now you can just type cluster for example and it’ll list all roles/features including your search term. It’s not possible to add not included features.

    As far as your router-question I’d suggest smoothwall which is Linux-based. You can just create a small harddrive, add nic’s and very little memory. Installs from ISO and has a web interface for creating rules. Check it out at

  3. Thanks Joachim I will check out smoothwall. I am still kind of interested in adding other roles to 2k8 core installations. I was encouraged to ask about this by your exchange and sql installation procedure on 2k8 Core. Is there a way for me to find the list of files needed for adding the “network policies and access services” role so I can try to manually add them and register them?

  4. Adding SQL / Exchange to Server Core is just a matter of adding the prereqs and maybe registering a few missing DLL’s. Adding a “role”, like NAP, to Server Core will require finding out EVERYTHING that role needs. You could of course add the role on a graphical box and while doing that look what gets added with process monitor. That’s how I found out what Exchange was missing…

  5. Joachim,
    Is CCC working on the free “Hyper-V Server 2008 R2” version ? I guess yes but i was wondering about Microsoft licencing issues like VMware (no free tools on free products)…
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Yes Nitro, it’s free 🙂 And it’ll work to configure Hyper-V Server also, but you can’t manage any VM’s with it. I have some scripts that “almost” work, not quite ready for release though, we’ll see if they ever hit the market…

  7. Because it’s all based on WMI and it takes a long time to get this working under all conditions. Maybe I’ll just throw them onto Codeplex and see if anyone’s interested in joining.

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