The Big Apple!

Well, about 20 hours left then it’s off to New York. It’s gonna be sightseeing, shopping, a lot of cool bars and we’ve booked two amazing restaurants (we hope, seems pricey but hopefully worth it). Celebrating my girlfriends birthday on Wednesday and since she’s never been to New York, why not do it there?

Malu: I’ve emailed you too, including my new cellphone number if you guys are still up for dinner in New York!

Will miss the little farts, and we hope that our housekeeper keeps the fishes alive while we’re gone. Wouldn’t want Juvelen to die now…



Once back from vacation I’ll be back on track and will add some new content around here too.

Thanks to all of you that came to our Dad’s funeral too, it meant a lot to us.

Tack alla ni som kom till pappas begravning, erat stöd betydde mycket för oss.

In memoriam

OweMy father passed away last night after a time of being sick in cancer. He left us for his next life, where he’ll most likely spend his days diving with dolphins, whalesharks and all the other things he loved so much. Then he’ll just have a beer and talk with our mother and the others he knows there.

There won’t be any updates for a while, but I’m sure you understand. I will spend the nearest time with my family and friends.

Take care of each other!