Microsoft Techdays are over!

Having spent three days in Västerås for the Techdays event I’m very satisfied with how it all went.

Me and Fredrik Lindstrom ( had a session about Active Directory Federation Services on Tuesday. It went very well once we got our router back from the keynote (we can actually take credit for saving it then?).

Wednesday I had my session about building a Core-based infrastructure (AD, DNS, DHCP, file/print and IIS). I totally switched approach so instead of doing all my demos with server core I decided to show that once your roles are installed there’s NO difference in administering your server. You just open up your MMC and click away. My session came up a little short but I hope I made my point to the audience. The evaluations were paper-based so we’ll see them sometime soon.

Both of the days we rebuilt the 50k infrastructure from Windows 2003 to Windows Server 2008 with all the goodies there is. MDT for deployment, WSUS, clusters for hyper-v and file/print, PKI, ISA-server and so on and so forth. We had a lot of people asking us questions during the days about what we did and how it works.

Liselotte Isacsson, Microsoft Technet.

Mikael Nyström, Truesec, configuring something in the 48h-show.

Hasain Alshakarti, Truesec, thinking deep thoughts about PKI.

Daniel Bugday and Fredrik Lindström discussing developer-stuff.

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