MVP Summit – Day 3 & 4

Yesterday (day 3) was spent discussing a lot of stuff that I due to my NDA can’t tell you about. Or I could, but I’d probably not be an MVP for much longer… But we discussed some improvements for both client and server in the upcoming versions and watched some demos. The product teams are in some cases really good at reaching out, listening and then implementing the suggestions. It’s fun to see that design change requests made for Windows Server 2008 actually made it into Windows Server 2008 R2.

The night was spent at the EMP, Experience Music Project, which is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to. It’s all about music, and they have exhibitions around the grunge period for example (a lot of bands came from the Seattle area), Jimi Hendrix and other great guitar players. But what really kicks a*s is the room where you get to play guitar, bass, keyboard or drums with a video guided instruction. You can also sing and there’s a recording studio where you can get together with others and record a song.

Microsoft had hired both EMP and the science fiction museum next door so we could enjoy both. A karaoke stage was set up with a band playing and you could sign up for being the lead singer in a song. There was also Rockband available if you’d like to challenge anyone, but the line was loooong. Will add some pictures once I get back home, since the cable to the camera didn’t make it into the bag apparently.

Day 4, today, I’ve listened to Mike Nash and Steve Ballmer and their view on various topics (also under NDA) so I wish I could tell my readers about some GREAT features in Windows 7, but… You’ll have to wait and see.

My name is Joachim, and I’m a PC. (internal joke)

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