2009 – A busy year

Just back in front of the computer since arriving home in the middle of the night from a weeks diving in the Red Sea. Spent the week diving with dad, my little brother and sister at Colona in Sharm.

This morning the kids came in serving breakfast in the bed, singing Happy Birthday and giving me loads of drawings that they’ve made while I was gone. From my partner (thanks Jo and Richard from dodgydivers.com for expanding my vocabulary this week, I’ve learnt a lot of new words) I got a really nice watch which I’ll wear as soon as it’s adjusted to fit my arm. Tonight there’s some kind of surprise planned so I’ve got a time and a place where I’m supposed to be, it’ll be exciting 🙂

It seems I’ve planned 2009 quite badly/good depending on how you see it, so far I’ve got:

March: MVP-summit in Seattle, Techdays in VÀsterÄs in Sweden.
April: New York, one week of vacation (any tips on what to do or see is appreciated)
May: TechEd, Los Angeles.
June: Mallorca, Spain.

The only stuff that actually needs some preparation is TechDays and TechEd, but it’s still a lot of planning and preparation.

In the days to come I’ll be errorchecking the final version of CCC and then make it available. We’re starting to work on a new version for the R2 release of Windows Server 2008 too, we’re not quite sure which road to take but we’ll see.Microsoft HQ Redmond