TechEd Barcelona – The End

So this is the end of this week. It has been a wonderful experience and I’ve met a lot of nice people. Now I also now that well prepared pays off!

Some pictures from the Speaker Reception Friday night:

One happy Swede, getting first place in the Security-track

Nyström, not quite as happy but he came around eventually

Arlindo was track owner for Windows Server.


I’d like to say sorry to Sander Berkouwer, whom I still owe a beer. Thanks to: Symon and Dan for the dinner. Nyström & Alshakarti for taking care of me and showing me where to go and when and why. Arwidmark for the feedback and moral support on Wednesday. Murray for the champagne. Strandberg for the photography. Isacsson, Anderberg and Alves for the trust. Everyone who showed up at my sessions and for all the great feedback. My GF who’s been a wonderful support and let me work 24/7, I’ll be home Sunday!


I got two PD’s this year, which was fun. The second one was better than the first, but that’s probably nerves. Here’s some pictures from the first one:



For those of you who attended either of my sessions and asked for the scripts, here they are.


If you have any questions about clustering or Server Core I recommend where a lot of people, including me, answer questions every day.

My demo environment looked like this:

AD was and my iscsi-target host was named techstore01.
Network used was

If you have any questions regarding clustering I recommend


Here are the top 10 lists from the event regarding Product Demonstrations (PD). My session “Building a failover cluster with Windows Server 2008 Core” ended up on sixth place based on overall satisfaction and ninth based on presenter effectiveness. This is out of 40 sessions in total and it’s my first year speaking, so I’d be lying if I said I’m disappointed. Congratulations to Hasain from Truesec who got place 4 with his session “Server and Domain isolation”, he finished first in the Security-track so it was two happy Swedes in the speaker lounge. (click for bigger picture)


This list is the top sessions in the Product Demo-track for Windows Server, where I actually ended up as #1. (And also last place) I guess I could’ve done a worse result and I hope my track owner Arlindo is happy about the performance. (click for bigger picture)

Time for dinner and a beer or two here in Barcelona before it’s time to pack the bag. See you next year in Berlin? Or at any other TechEd maybe? We’ll see what the future holds…

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