Part 3 – Windows Server 2008 Core – Failover Clustering with iSCSI

Finally a video with sound. Albeit I have a terrible cold and sound like John Wayne, but at least there’s some audio… Have seen some comments on the net on my silence, but at least now you know that I actually can speak.

This video deals with failover clustering on server core. We’re using Starwind to have our virtual Windows Server 2008 DC on Hyper-V to act as an iSCSI-target. Our two virtual Server Core servers are then configured to mount the disks through iSCSI. The commands used for doing this is SC for setting the startup type, net start for starting the iSCSI-service, iscsicli for adding the disks to the servers, diskpart for adding partitions and volumes and finally format to make sure the disk has a filesystem. If you need help with iscsicli, there’s a 90 page userguide over at Microsoft.

When that’s done we’ll add the remote administration feature to be able to administer our cluster. We create the cluster, add a clustered resource, in this case a share and finally we fail it from one node to the other.

If you’ve missed the two other videos, about installation and initial configuration of Server Core, I’ll post them again here:

Part 1-3:

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0 thoughts on “Part 3 – Windows Server 2008 Core – Failover Clustering with iSCSI”

  1. Joachim,
    This is very good job that you done,
    I find exactly that i want to see…
    Tomorrow i try with my 2008 Hyper-V,
    Keep up your great work…
    Greetings from Greece

  2. Is there a way to use hyver-V without stardwinds?
    Could you do a demo of SQL Server 2008 failover installation?

    1. Yes, you don’t need Starwind to use Hyper-V. I just use Starwind because I didn’t have Microsoft Storage Server and didn’t want to haul around a physical SAN. Any SAN will do, so you could use your existing SAN, or just try it out with a trial version of any vendors software iscsi target.

      At the moment I’m preparing for Microsoft TechDays which is next week so I can’t promise a demo anytime soon, but once that’s done I could make one. Send me an email (joachim (at) and remind me in a week or two!

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