Officially launched in Sweden…

Yesterday I attended the official launch of Windows Server 2008 in Sweden. The event was held at “Talk” in Älvsjö, right next to the boat-fair that goes every year. Spent the day there preparing my demos which I had some trouble with due to beta software, preparing my guests for their appearance on stage and talking to a lot of colleagues both from Qbranch but also from other companies. A lot of shaking hands yesterday. At 17:40 I held my breakout session about Hörby Kommuns case which went very well. My guests Anders, Johan and Joakim said that they were nervous the whole day, but once on stage it didn’t show at all. Spent time with my fellow MEET:ers, Microsoft Extended Expert Team, we had an “Ask The Expert” zone at the launch. The evening was spent with food, beer and lots of laughs, was very nice. Pictures will come a little later.

 The launch site displays -1 today:

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