Windows Server 2008


Andrew Mason from Microsoft on stage.


Ulf Alvarsson from Microsoft sweden on the terrace after the presentation.


John Laerum from Cornerstone. 


 Me, not paying attention afterwards.


 Left: Andrew Mason. Right: Tom Hazel.

We had the fortune of getting Andrew and Tom over to pay us a visit and talk about Server Core. We spent the days working and at night we’ve taught them how to eat swedish food. Like pickled herring, meatballs and “pytt i panna”. Snaps is a given accessory of course. The pictures above were taken on the event we held at Berns where Andrew held a presentation about Server Core and the news in beta 3 of Windows Server 2008 as it’s officially called now. Longhorn sounded better, but at least the merchandise might be worth something now if it’s sold in the right circles.