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TechDays 2015 – Pre-conf and Azure Resource Manager

Just got an email confirming mine and Anders Bengtssons pre-conf for TechDays 2015, the “Azure IAAS Ninja Bootcamp”. We’ll teach you as much as you can consume about Azure IAAS during one day! I also got one session on Azure Resource Manager. ARM is by far the biggest leap in producing clean, nicely installed and repetitive environments in Azure. If you’re missing out on PowerShell and ARM along with DSC my guess is that you’ll be doing something else in the future!

Are you going to TechDays 2015 in Sweden?

Check out my sessions here: http://tdswe.kistamassan.se/Program-2015/Talare/(filter)/J

And don’t forget to register: http://tdswe.kistamassan.se/Anmal-dig

TechDays 2014 – Sessionsmaterial

Här kommer som utlovat (dock senare än sagt) sessionsmaterialet från min Azure-session på Techdays 2014. Jag skyller min sena postning på att jag faktiskt ramlade av scenen…

I filen hittar du ppt-presentationen. Du hittar även 4 XLM-filer för nätverkskonfigurationen i Azure. Notera att dessa inte går att importera i din befintliga subscription om du redan har nätverk konfigurerade, men du kan å andra sidan kika på hur jag löst det med flera nätverk eller multi-hop-routingen i fil 3 och 4. I PowerShell-filen hittar du hur du gör en virtuell maskin med flera nätverkskort och hur du konfigurerar Network Security Groups. Frågor? Posta dom i kommentarsfältet!

För att förgylla er dag kan jag även bjuda på inspelningen av min session, särskilt då fallet. Spola fram till 12:55 i filmen.

Presentationsmaterial: Presentationsmaterial TechDays2014

[SWE] TechDays 2010 – Tisdag

Efter en trevlig kväll igår där vi hann med Stallyktan, TechDays bar på Örebro Slott och sedan stängde Bishops Arms (vilket en måndagkväll inte var överdrivet sent) så sov jag som en prins sedan. Jag och Robert hann med två dryruns igår av vår keynote så man var lite mör. Uppenbarligen tyckte min kropp att vi skulle softa lite så jag försov mig efter att ha snoozat lite för länge. Hann dock med frukost, packa alla mina saker och i tid till keynoten. Såg halva innan jag begav mig på jakt efter min lokal för att hinna rigga upp allting. När man bygger kluster går det ju åt lite maskiner, så jag hade tre laptops, en switch, nätverkskablar, grenuttag, mus, extern hårddisk, videokamera och stillbildskamera i väskan. Fördelen med den packningen är att jag nu har en snygg högeraxel.

Keynoten var grym, hann med både Per (VD på Microsoft) och Christer (Utvecklingspoolen). Mycket bra observationer och vinklingar. Direkt efter keynoten var det dags för min session. Uppskattar det till ca 150 personer som kom för att lyssna. Efter ungefär 40 minuters dragning så hann vi med en mycket bra frågestund där vi avhandlade allt från iSCSI till licensmodeller och varför man ska välja Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 framför Windows Server 2008 R2.

Efter lunch körde jag och Robert vår tredje dryrun, intervjuade våra branschkollegor för att vara förberedda inför onsdagmorgonen.

Nu är det några sessioner kvar på dagen, sen är det fest på Conventum och efterfesten går av stapeln på Ritz. Med tanke på morgondagen lär jag inte bli så sen 😉

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Speakers Corner

Since we’re still waiting for spring to arrive here in Sweden, it’s snowing today again, I’m having a coffee and looking over the schedule for this spring/summer.

It’s a lot happening this spring, starting with TechDays 23/24:th of March. This event happens in Örebro and has a lot of good speakers lined up: Martin Lidholm, Björn Axell, Hasain Alshakarti, Anders Bengtsson, Daniel Bugday, Elisabeth Stjernstoft, Eva Fors and a lot more. I have a session on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 with Live Migration and clustering.

Then in June, 7 – 10:th it’s time for TechEd North America which this year takes place in New Orleans. I’ve been given my first “real” breakout session this time, after having had numerous product demonstrations. A PD takes place during lunch, so one might say that attendance has been “so so”. Hope for some more people this time, and I’m looking forward to it!

Future events not to miss

If you’re based in Sweden (or willing to travel and speak Swedish) you don’t want to miss the Windows 7 Deployment Roadshow. A short teaser is posted on YouTube for your discrete viewing pleasure. These guys (Arwidmark / Nyström) are so hot so it’s not safe for work 😉

Also in February is the MVP Summit in Seattle. That’s when all the Microsoft MVP’s go there to meet the teams behind the products, see future products and all the top secret stuff that the rest of the world just speculates about. Like meeting the guy who’s responsible for the Blue Screen of Death, the guy that starts and feeds all the flamewars about Windows vs Linux. And my favourite guy, he who copies all the features from Mac OS X and makes them work in Windows. That wasn’t maybe true but what we do in Seattle is actually secret…

In March there’s Microsoft TechDays in Örebro. I’ll be doing a session on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 with Live Migration, Johan Arwidmark, Marcus Murray and Christoffer Andersson from Truesec have sessions on deployment, security and Active Directory.

And then comes spring! 🙂

Microsoft Techdays are over!

Having spent three days in Västerås for the Techdays event I’m very satisfied with how it all went.

Me and Fredrik Lindstrom (http://lindstrom.nullsession.com) had a session about Active Directory Federation Services on Tuesday. It went very well once we got our router back from the keynote (we can actually take credit for saving it then?).

Wednesday I had my session about building a Core-based infrastructure (AD, DNS, DHCP, file/print and IIS). I totally switched approach so instead of doing all my demos with server core I decided to show that once your roles are installed there’s NO difference in administering your server. You just open up your MMC and click away. My session came up a little short but I hope I made my point to the audience. The evaluations were paper-based so we’ll see them sometime soon.

Both of the days we rebuilt the 50k infrastructure from Windows 2003 to Windows Server 2008 with all the goodies there is. MDT for deployment, WSUS, clusters for hyper-v and file/print, PKI, ISA-server and so on and so forth. We had a lot of people asking us questions during the days about what we did and how it works.

Liselotte Isacsson, Microsoft Technet.

Mikael Nyström, Truesec, configuring something in the 48h-show.

Hasain Alshakarti, Truesec, thinking deep thoughts about PKI.

Daniel Bugday and Fredrik Lindström discussing developer-stuff.

My sessions at TechDays in Sweden

Got the schedule for TechDays in Sweden in the mail. I have two sessions apart from the 48-hour show.

Day 1 – 14.30: ADFS in conjunction with other products will minimize your account administration.
This one is presented together with my friend and colleague Fredrik Lindström.

Day 2 – 14.30: Building a CORE infrastructure using Windows Server 2008 R2 Core.

Will I see you in Västerås?

2009 – A busy year

Just back in front of the computer since arriving home in the middle of the night from a weeks diving in the Red Sea. Spent the week diving with dad, my little brother and sister at Colona in Sharm.

This morning the kids came in serving breakfast in the bed, singing Happy Birthday and giving me loads of drawings that they’ve made while I was gone. From my partner (thanks Jo and Richard from dodgydivers.com for expanding my vocabulary this week, I’ve learnt a lot of new words) I got a really nice watch which I’ll wear as soon as it’s adjusted to fit my arm. Tonight there’s some kind of surprise planned so I’ve got a time and a place where I’m supposed to be, it’ll be exciting 🙂

It seems I’ve planned 2009 quite badly/good depending on how you see it, so far I’ve got:

March: MVP-summit in Seattle, Techdays in Västerås in Sweden.
April: New York, one week of vacation (any tips on what to do or see is appreciated)
May: TechEd, Los Angeles.
June: Mallorca, Spain.

The only stuff that actually needs some preparation is TechDays and TechEd, but it’s still a lot of planning and preparation.

In the days to come I’ll be errorchecking the final version of CCC and then make it available. We’re starting to work on a new version for the R2 release of Windows Server 2008 too, we’re not quite sure which road to take but we’ll see.Microsoft HQ Redmond