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Meet MEET and get to know Exchange 2010

Wednesday 2:nd of September MEET (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) is hosting an After Work at Grodan in Stockholm, Sweden. The exact location is Grev Turegatan 16

The topic of this night is Exchange 2010, and if you’re into Exchange there’ll be a whole bunch of knowledgeable Exchange experts to meet:

Host: Martin Lidholm, MVP in Office Communications Server and MEET-member, from Lidholm & Co
Product Manager: Micael Berger from Microsoft.

The Experts:

Christer Olsson and John Kjölbye Hansen from Microsoft
Lasse Pettersson, MVP Exchange Server from Humandata
Martina Miscovic, MVP Exchange Server and MEET-member from Knowledge Factory
Magnus Björk, MVP i Exchange Server and MEET-member from mailmaster

If you’re in Stockholm, pass by and grab a beer! The more the merrier!


Spent a wonderful Friday at Nynäs Havsbad with MEET (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) having a 2 day workshop with some great people. Louise, Max, Per and Jim filled the days with great content and a perfect toolbox for empowering our trips towards our visions. Liselotte and Jenny had done a great work planning as always…

We finished off with a competition, Stagefright, where the audience got to vote on the speakers with the help of “mentometers”. Couldn’t find a proper english translation but you know what I mean. My dearly belowed friends and foes and colleagues in MEET voted me as a winner, for which I’m really grateful and touched. For winning I get to have the golden megaphone on my desk for a year. I’ll use it at the office for making myself heard.

Thanks to all the MEET-people, including those from Skåne of course, for a great weekend. I learned a lot.

Now it’s time to pack the bags for Seattle!