Simplifying your life using the AZ-modules in powershell

As of December 2018 there’s a new kid in town helping you out with Azure. The old AzureRM modules will be replaced by the AZ modules to keep consistent with Core and Cloud Shell. The module will also keep your management / development environments consistent over Windows / Linux / Mac, hopefully making you a lot more efficient.

Installing the AZ modules

First step is actually uninstalling the AzureRM modules. Leaving you feeling all naked without any possibility to remotely manage Azure. But it’ll just be a few seconds if you’re quick enough.

Run Uninstall-AzureRM as Administrator and wait for it to complete. Once done you’ll run Install-Module Az and it’ll install the new modules.

If you have old scripts and don’t feel like rewrite them you can enable aliases for the old commands running Enable-AzureRmAlias. 

That’s it, you’re all updated and running the latest and greatest! To read more about the changes, check out GitHub!

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