Downgrading you ClearDB MySql database in Azure

Are you running a website or application in Windows Azure with data stored in MySql? I upgraded my database from the free database with a maximum of 20 Mb to the 1 GB option, costing me $9.90 a month. Well, I cleared it out and was going to do a downgrade from payed to free again. Well, it seems ClearDB doesn’t really like downgrading since the Revenue stream goes sour… So you’re on your own and need to create a new database and manually (woop!) migrate data. Feels like we’re back to 1886.

Login to ClearDB site
Create a new database in the free plan
Copy server name, user name and password to a textfile, or just remember it all 🙂
Download MySql Workbench from Oracle (
Install Workbench (next, next, finish)
Get the server name, user name and password to your existing database, wp-config.php has it or check the connection strings for your Azure website.




Configure MySql Workbench to connect to old server
 Dump database










Edit dump file to reflect new server and database name. Or make corresponding changes in Workbench, but this is easier to explain.









Import/restore to new database in Workbench










Edit wp-config.php to reflect new server name









Verify it all works by reloading your website in your browser. (important!)

Delete old database on ClearDB site. This will also clear your payment plan. Login to Amazon and verify your payment authorizations to make sure.