Unboxing the Samsung Slate

The Samsung Slate is a fantastic device and now that I’ve finally gotten my hands on one (thank you SO very much!) I’ll share my experiences with you.

Unboxing stuff is always exciting and I’m glad to say that Samsung actually manages to give the user a great experience, it’s not a PC in a cardboard box. It’s a good looking box, the Slate is positioned on top and makes you wanna rush through it all…

But I didn’t. Click the picture to have a walkthrough of unboxing the Samsung Slate!

Once unboxed I started it, it’s blazingly fast!

It came installed with Windows 7 with the touch features enabled. Quite easy to use with the pen, but of course I still decided to go for Windows 8 Consumer Preview. That’ll be another post, quite fascinating how to install the OS on this baby!

Read more about the slate here: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/tablet-pcs/XE700T1A-A01US
Read more about Windows 8 Consumer Preview: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview

In the following posts we’ll take a look at OS installation, using Windows 8 and I’ll try to see if I can use the Slate instead of my laptop for a whole week at work!

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