TechDays 2012 – The preparation!

With one day to go, it starts tomorrow, I’ve been preparing for TechDays all day together with Björn Axell at Dells office in Stockholm. Just before I quit at Dell I built a Windows 8 cluster, of course that was long gone so I had to start over today. Built a 2 node cluster with Hyper-V and recorded all my demos. Apparently recorded demos are considered “cheating” and “chicken” so now I’ve just produced them in Camtasia and will use them only, and only, if everything else fails.

Tomorrow the preparations continue with the last hand on the PPT:s, and with some luck I’ll actually be done with 24 hours to spare since my session isn’t until Thursday morning at 9. It’s by the way the fourth year in a row that my session is in the first slot the day after the party…

Are we going to bump into each other in Örebro? Be sure to say hi!

And don’t miss to check out what the rest of MEET is up to these days, there are lots of interesting blogs out there:

If you want to check out what’s happening at TechDays live you could follow us all on Twitter and the #td2012 tag.

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