Sleepless in Seattle

The human body seems to be a clockwork of when it’s time to go to bed or get up. Unfortunately it doesn’t do well with timezones and crap like that. The last few days I’ve been tired around 15.30 every day, gone to bed around 21 and been awake at 03.30. Spending a week in Seattle and attending the MVP Summit 2010. It’s the event when all the MVP’s go to Microsoft to meet each other and the product teams. We also get to see a lot of the things that’ll hit the market in 12-24 months that we can’t talk to anyone about.

So far we’ve spent our days sightseeing. Spent the Sunday with Martin Lidholm and Magnus Björk at the “Future of Flight” which is located at the Boeing factory. We saw a lot of airplanes and learned about the history and future of aviation. Then we took the tour of the factory and saw how these things are built, and what they cost. Outside on the runway 3 out of 4 Dreamlifters (the flying pickle) (video) were parked, we got to see when they unloaded a body to a 787 (which comes in one piece). In the factory, which could fit the entire Disneyworld inside with room to spare, there are six hangars. One for each production line, and it fits 5-6 complete 747:s in ONE hangar. To get a perspective of the size, you could fit 988 basketball courts on the floor.

Yesterday we had dinner at Hooters in Seattle and celebrated my birthday, turning 36 today. Four years to forty. Age ain’t nothing but a number 🙂

Thanks to Stephen Rose and the Springboard series I’ve been interviewed for today. We’ll see when that airs. And if the porn-part gets edited out. Thanks Stephen for that one… Ran into Chris Jackson who apparently set the standard. So the next time I might even move in that chair…

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