Future events not to miss

If you’re based in Sweden (or willing to travel and speak Swedish) you don’t want to miss the Windows 7 Deployment Roadshow. A short teaser is posted on YouTube for your discrete viewing pleasure. These guys (Arwidmark / Nyström) are so hot so it’s not safe for work 😉

Also in February is the MVP Summit in Seattle. That’s when all the Microsoft MVP’s go there to meet the teams behind the products, see future products and all the top secret stuff that the rest of the world just speculates about. Like meeting the guy who’s responsible for the Blue Screen of Death, the guy that starts and feeds all the flamewars about Windows vs Linux. And my favourite guy, he who copies all the features from Mac OS X and makes them work in Windows. That wasn’t maybe true but what we do in Seattle is actually secret…

In March there’s Microsoft TechDays in Örebro. I’ll be doing a session on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 with Live Migration, Johan Arwidmark, Marcus Murray and Christoffer Andersson from Truesec have sessions on deployment, security and Active Directory.

And then comes spring! 🙂

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