Auf wiedersehen Berlin!

Packed, checked out, came home and had a great weekend with the family. The last days of TechEd 2009 in Berlin were just as great as the first ones. The days were spent in the TLC-area answering clustering questions. This year we had a lot of questions on CSV and geo-clustering, live migration over geo-clusters seemed to be of great interest also.

Wednesday was the Swedish country party which was sponsored by Knowledge Factory and SpecOps together with Microsoft. Had a great time, met a lot of interesting people but gave up around 00.15 to get some sleep before my session. Slept for as long as possible Thursday morning before breakfast, ironing the shirt and packing my four laptops, switch, powerstrip and USB-sticks into my bag. Arrived at 11.00 to have some time for a coffee and just preparing mentally.

12:05 the guy before me finished in the room so I rushed in to get everything setup before 12:20. Of course my laptop refused to show any picture on the projector. The video guy wanted a reboot so he got one, the result was picture and a DC in recovery mode. The time was 12:17 so I didn’t have time to do anything about it, I chose to reset it and hope for the best. It came up fine after that so I delivered my session without any more flaws. When practicing the time has been 40-45 minutes, it took 36 now so I guess I got a little nervous from the trouble in the beginning.

Thursday night was the Dutch country party. Me, some Swedish friends and two of my colleagues went and had a great time. The Dutch really know how to party! By 2 am the bar was out of everything except dark beer and red wine. I gave up and went home somewhere around here…

I’ve received some emails, some new Twitter-followers, Linked In-connections and the stats here went up quite a lot afterwards. The map is two hours after my session! Most visitors seems to search for Hyper-V on USB, check out the guide if you haven’t done so already!

Here are a few pics (taken by my colleague Christian and one by Sander Berkouwers colleague whos name I’ve forgotten and will change immediately as soon as I find out).


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