Today was a good day!

To quote Ice Cube and the Nike commercial.

I got the news today that I’ve been chosen as one of the three finalists as IT-consultant of the year by IT24 in Sweden.

Yesterday we spent the night at the Springboard party here in Berlin. It was a good time, gave up around midnight. Some of my former colleagues came home around 7 the rumour says. Tonight Knowledge Factory, SpecOps and Microsoft are having the Swedish country party at Solar here in Berlin. It’ll be fun, but I’ll be the responsible one and go home early tonight also. My session is tomorrow at 12.20, will I see you there?

Here are some pictures from Berlin!

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  1. Thanks! Didn’t have to wear the hat, but it was a close call. Recovery mode on my only DC with 3 minutes to go. I did a reset and hoped for the best, it came up with 15 seconds to go… Everything worked after that, but I was very sweaty!

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