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Windows 7 Tour finished with its last date yesterday in Karlskrona. A very good audience, lots of questions and the best lunch on the whole tour. After a VERY long drive home and too little sleep I’m at least up and about. Chasing Microsoft, finishing off my PPT for TechEd in Berlin, answering questions both here and by mail.

In a few weeks time it’s time to pack the bags again and head off to Berlin for TechEd 2009. I’m holding a product demonstration on how to build a Hyper-V cluster with Live Migration based on Hyper-V Server 2008 R2. My demo is tested, the PPT almost done so I feel confident. If you already now have any questions on the subject, comment here or send me an email!

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  1. About Hyper-V, HA and Cluster. When you add a new Virtual Machine to a existing cluster in what order do is it best to add the resources ?

    What I mean is are you supposed to Cluster the disks then add start to create the virtual machine on the node that owns the disk resources. Or should you create the whole virtual machine and when it’s “finished” add the Virtual Machine to the cluster.

    I have tried to find information about this on the web, but haven’t really got an answer.

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