A guide to iSCSI target software for Windows

UPDATE: See http://www.nullsession.com/2009/08/06/iscsi-target-software-feature-comparison/ for a feature sheet of Windows iSCSI target software.

After adding a new statistics tool to this site, I’ve realized that 57% of the search words for my visitors are iSCSI-related. Most people seem to search for Microsofts iSCSI target software. This can be aquired either if you buy something like HP’s Storage Server or if you subscribe to MSDN / Technet Plus (and in that case you can’t put it in production, but you could test it).

So what’s available for a Windows platform except for Microsofts iscsi target software?

There are four other “big” targets available, these are:

Starwind from Rocket Division

iSCSI Cake from iscsicake.com

iStorage Server from
Kernsafe Technology

MySan from Nimbus Data

You can read more about Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 over at Microsoft.com and more about Microsoft iSCSI Target Software over at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/storage/iscsifaq.mspx

Update: According to Jose Barretos blog Windows Storage Server 2008 is available to MSDN and Technet Plus subscribers.


In the video you can see how easy it is to install and configure each software listen, except for MySan which won’t install on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Storage Server 2008 which you’ll need to install from scratch since Microsoft won’t support installing the target software on any other edition than Storage Server.

If you’d ask me which software to choose I’d recommend Starwind from Rocket Division, unless you have the money to invest in a Windows Storage Server solution. The new features in Windows Storage Server 2008 really makes it worth the money if we base this on the assumption that you won’t invest in a full SAN solution.

Linux is not my platform, but there are several targets available for Linux. I haven’t tested any of them, there are other sites that focus on that.
Update: http://www.openfiler.com

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  1. Hi Joachim,
    StarWind iSCSI SAN software is now sold from StarWind Software, not Rocket Division. StarWind spun out in early 2009. We’ll be happy to send you the latest version if you are interested.

    Kind regards,

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