TechEd Los Angeles – Tuesday

Monday night was spent having a few beers and walking the swag-walk. Didn’t find anything interesting, unless a t-shirt is what gets you going. Kingston had a girl named “Ecstasy” in their booth, she’s ranked #1 of all female players in the world. She proved that quite fast by beating me playing ZZ Top’s La Grange. I got about 10% of her score. My colleague Patrik actually challenged her to Dragonforce, she scored about 550.000 on it…

Having survived Monday night we got our green shirts on and jumped on the bus Tuesday morning to head back to LACC.

In the Specops booth there was a lot of people all day. We’re giving away gold if you register so even Stefan registered and got a beautiful yellow t-shirt.

On my schedule for the day was Andrew Mason’s session about the news in Server Core. A quick look at those would give us .Net framework, powershell and ASP.Net support in IIS. And of course Microsoft is including sconfig which is their version of CCC so it’s time to look at what they’re missing and go for those things. Another welcome thing is the graphical iscsi configuration tool which is named iscsiclicpl.exe.

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