TechEd Los Angeles – Monday

Monday morning. As always when you change timezones I’m wide awake way too early. Breakfast around 8 and I’ve been watching CNN since 4.30, only 90 minutes to go.

We arrived Saturday and spent the evening at a bar, desperately trying to stay awake for as long as possible. It was nice and I got to meet the guys from SpecOps US and Canadian offices.

Sunday we packed ourselves into a few cars and went to Six Flags north of Los Angeles. I rode eight rollercoasters before I gave up. Some of my colleagues set the tone when riding until throwing up. My personal favourite was Tatsu, picture below, but those who rode X2 said it was the best ride ever. I’ll ride it next time!


On today’s schedule is of course the keynote, this time held by Bill Veghte. He’s a senior vice president at Microsoft, responsible for Microsoft’s Windows businesses, including the business strategy, sales and marketing across Windows and Windows Live. Additionally, he has shared responsibility for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sales.

I’m also meeting with Symon Perriman and Dan Reger from the Clustering Team this morning to get the ATE-stuff. I’m doing ATE for Clustering here since none of my sessions got approved. (On a more bitter note I could’ve had one I think since some speakers have six sessions… I know more people who share this view)

Now I’ll get in the shower and get ready for day #1. I’ll keep you posted!

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