Today was my last day at work. I’ve cleaned my desk, my laptop and on monday I’ll send my cellphone to work after receiving my new one. It’s been fun these three years I must say, I’ve learned a lot and made a bunch of new friends among my colleagues. Wednesday next week I’ll hit the ground running and get to use all my knowledge “in real life”. It’ll be exciting!

My congratulations to Louisa Luciani who won the “IT-girl of the year”-award yesterday. We need more women in this industry, both in the technical field and on a higher level. I wonder why so few women choose IT as their field of work? There are women in sales, support and other positions but you rarely see women in the serverroom. It’s a shame and I hope that this award can inspire more women to choose IT on a technical level.

Have a very nice weekend now!

Going, going…

Gone! Less than a week to go until I start my new job. I’m so excited going back to consulting again. Next Wednesday is my first day at Knowledge Factory. I’m hitting the ground running and will be busy from day one! That feels really good and I hope I’ll have something to give our customers and that I’ll learn some new stuff. I’m really in learning mode now, been checking out some Powershell stuff but I need some more experience in the .net-area I feel.

I’m sure gonna miss colleagues and friends from Qbranch, but considering the size of the IT-business in Sweden and the size of Stockholm we’ll sure bump into each other again.

Microsoft Techdays are over!

Having spent three days in Västerås for the Techdays event I’m very satisfied with how it all went.

Me and Fredrik Lindstrom ( had a session about Active Directory Federation Services on Tuesday. It went very well once we got our router back from the keynote (we can actually take credit for saving it then?).

Wednesday I had my session about building a Core-based infrastructure (AD, DNS, DHCP, file/print and IIS). I totally switched approach so instead of doing all my demos with server core I decided to show that once your roles are installed there’s NO difference in administering your server. You just open up your MMC and click away. My session came up a little short but I hope I made my point to the audience. The evaluations were paper-based so we’ll see them sometime soon.

Both of the days we rebuilt the 50k infrastructure from Windows 2003 to Windows Server 2008 with all the goodies there is. MDT for deployment, WSUS, clusters for hyper-v and file/print, PKI, ISA-server and so on and so forth. We had a lot of people asking us questions during the days about what we did and how it works.

Liselotte Isacsson, Microsoft Technet.

Mikael Nyström, Truesec, configuring something in the 48h-show.

Hasain Alshakarti, Truesec, thinking deep thoughts about PKI.

Daniel Bugday and Fredrik Lindström discussing developer-stuff.

See and do in Seattle

Having spent almost a week in Seattle again there’s a lot of stuff to do and see here.

The classics are quite quickly done, riding the monorail and visiting the space needle. Both were constructed for the World Fair in 1962. The needle has a restaurant at the top that spins while you’re eating to let you see the whole 360 degree view. Be sure to book!

Once you’ve seen the faboulous view from the needle, don’t miss the Experience Music Project and the Sci-Fi Museum that’s located next to the needle. If you’re into music or sci/fi or both, it’s a must see. There’s a combination pass for visiting both museums.

The Pike Place Market is a must see also, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to watch the unloading of fish which can be quite a spectacle.

If you have rented a car you could also go skiing (multiple resorts available), there are boat tours of the Puget Sound, underground tours and lots of other stuff to do. And if you’re not visiting Microsoft it could be worth just driving through (or visiting the Visitor Center in building 92) just to see how big their campus is. Building 92 also contains the Microsoft Company Store but you’ll need a pass to be able to shop, and hence it’s not available for anyone.

More on Seattle:

My sessions at TechDays in Sweden

Got the schedule for TechDays in Sweden in the mail. I have two sessions apart from the 48-hour show.

Day 1 – 14.30: ADFS in conjunction with other products will minimize your account administration.
This one is presented together with my friend and colleague Fredrik Lindström.

Day 2 – 14.30: Building a CORE infrastructure using Windows Server 2008 R2 Core.

Will I see you in Västerås?

MVP Summit – Day 3 & 4

Yesterday (day 3) was spent discussing a lot of stuff that I due to my NDA can’t tell you about. Or I could, but I’d probably not be an MVP for much longer… But we discussed some improvements for both client and server in the upcoming versions and watched some demos. The product teams are in some cases really good at reaching out, listening and then implementing the suggestions. It’s fun to see that design change requests made for Windows Server 2008 actually made it into Windows Server 2008 R2.

The night was spent at the EMP, Experience Music Project, which is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to. It’s all about music, and they have exhibitions around the grunge period for example (a lot of bands came from the Seattle area), Jimi Hendrix and other great guitar players. But what really kicks a*s is the room where you get to play guitar, bass, keyboard or drums with a video guided instruction. You can also sing and there’s a recording studio where you can get together with others and record a song.

Microsoft had hired both EMP and the science fiction museum next door so we could enjoy both. A karaoke stage was set up with a band playing and you could sign up for being the lead singer in a song. There was also Rockband available if you’d like to challenge anyone, but the line was loooong. Will add some pictures once I get back home, since the cable to the camera didn’t make it into the bag apparently.

Day 4, today, I’ve listened to Mike Nash and Steve Ballmer and their view on various topics (also under NDA) so I wish I could tell my readers about some GREAT features in Windows 7, but… You’ll have to wait and see.

My name is Joachim, and I’m a PC. (internal joke)

MVP Summit – Day 2

After yesterdays keynote, which offered a bunch of laughs due to the speech to text malfunctions, today was the first day filled with sessions.

I joined the file systems and storage MVP’s for the days first two sessions. The first one was a “keynote” and the second one was on client/server backup. After that I joined the cluster team for one session on CSV and one session on Hyper-V.

I’m definitely jetlagged so I’ve spent the night in bed with the laptop on my stomach. It´s probably one of the earliest night this year, but it´s a new day tomorrow… Good sessions lined up and finishing off at the EMP which is a great museum.