Last post 2008!

Well, this is the end of the year. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me make this year one hell of a year! That’s a bunch of people at Microsoft, a bunch of people at work and a whole bunch of my friends.

To name a few: Liselotte, Micke A, Micke N, Janne H, Fredrik L, Louise P, Jenny, Maria, Ulf, Stefan, Emma, Johan, M & A, Andrew, Symon, Hasain, Malu, Helle & Lars, Owe and plenty more.

For those of you searching for CCC the new version is running a little late due to a huge project at work which has me working 10-15 hours a day over x-mas and new years… So it’s at #2 in the list.

Last but not least: Happy New Year!

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