New version of CCC coming up!

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I’m currently in the process of finalizing the next version of CCC. This time I’ve had some help from another developer who’s name is Robin Granberg. I’ll let him introduce himself in another post, all I know about him is that he works at Volvo in Köping here in Sweden. And that he can code stuff in batch-files of course.

We’ve developed some really nifty features in this version, but I won’t tell you anything until it’s released though. In true “under-promise, over-deliver” manners. I think this will be the last version for Windows Server 2008 Core. There will most likely be a separate version for Windows Server 2008 Core R2, since some of the commands syntax has changed.

I’m also looking at another script for Hyper-V Server, there is a version available out of the box, but I have some more tricks up my sleeve. I just have to check if it actually works good enough for a release into the wild.

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