Core Configuration Console 0.91

All CCC versions available at

Update: See for the latest release!

CCC has had a number of downloads by now (more than anticipated I’d say). The feedback I’ve got so far is the ability to add/remove roles, list installed roles, configure some services that we’re not handling right now and screen resolution. In the making at the moment is a minor update to make some of it work, it’ll probably be released closer to the weekend or beginning next week.

Update: It is released, see

Have any more wishes for CCC? I’m thinking iSCSI but that’s a lot of parameters, which all differ each time you use it… We’ll see if I come up with a clever plan.

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FREE: Core Configuration Console (CCC) – Basic Server Core setup

Tomorrow I’m speaking and doing a demonstration at the Swedish launch of Hyper-V at Rival at Mariatorget. I’ve spent two days setting up a really cool demo showing off some new infrastructural changes in Microsoft software. If you’re there you’ll see it, otherwise I’ll tell you when I can. Yeah, I know, but I can’t tell…

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