Spent a wonderful Friday at Nynäs Havsbad with MEET (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) having a 2 day workshop with some great people. Louise, Max, Per and Jim filled the days with great content and a perfect toolbox for empowering our trips towards our visions. Liselotte and Jenny had done a great work planning as always…

We finished off with a competition, Stagefright, where the audience got to vote on the speakers with the help of “mentometers”. Couldn’t find a proper english translation but you know what I mean. My dearly belowed friends and foes and colleagues in MEET voted me as a winner, for which I’m really grateful and touched. For winning I get to have the golden megaphone on my desk for a year. I’ll use it at the office for making myself heard.

Thanks to all the MEET-people, including those from Skåne of course, for a great weekend. I learned a lot.

Now it’s time to pack the bags for Seattle!

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