Happy birthday!

Friday afternoon at the office, in a waiting state for some birthday celebrations. We’re celebrating some friends today, a party at one friends house and yesterday my partner in crime Lindstrom had his 34:th birthday. He thought he’d be able to sneak off with it, but it actually surfaced (sucker). After our game of squash we spent 20 minutes waiting for the tropical rain to pass before we ran across the street together with M to enjoy a Thai dinner. Tonight we’re going to MM’s house to celebrate her 30:th birthday.

Happy b-day Lindstrom and MM!

(This is how I roll, mother…)

Surf's up!

Spent my Saturday attending a windsurfing course here in Stockholm. The conditions were ok, gusty winds and no rain at least. Me and Mdid fairly well I must say, with me falling off the board once and M three. Afterwards we had a picnic in the park, watched the skateboarders and finished off with a tour through the “scary forest”. Today was supposed to be another day filled with surfing, but due to NO wind and rain we decided to cancel. Me, M and F took a coffee at Il Caffé instead and read all the newspapers in a roundtable way.

And for the virtualization people out there, don’t miss that the pre-RC version of SCVMM is available on Microsofts Connect-site. Of course you need to be a member and enroll in the program, but that shouldn’t be a problem.