Using the Directory Service Comparison Tool

As I’ve mentioned before my friend and colleague has developed a tool which makes the Active Directory snapshots functionality useful. The tool is called Directory Service Comparison Tool and the version available at the moment is 1.2.1.

In this movie I’m showing the functionality you get from this nifty utility. You can compare objects in your production Active Directory with the values in your snapshot. Not only that, but you can restore objects from your snapshot as well as single attributes. AND (I’m starting to sound like someone on the home shopping channel now) you can restore groups and group memberships from your snapshot into your Active Directory.

The tool is available in both x86 and x64-versions and you’ll need .Net framework 2.0 to run it.

Download the tool here:

View movie online (fullscreen recommended, 1024×768, 28 MB)

[flash w=425 h=355 mode=0 f={image=}]

Download movie (right-click, save as, 24 MB):

Download powerpoint (right-click, save as): DSCT.pptx (PPT 2007)

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  1. Hi,
    I tryed to download the video of dsct but it prompt me for a user name and password, What user name and password I have to give to download the contents.

    Reply ASAP.

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