MCITP: Enterprise Administrator

Finally! That’s how it felt when the word “Pass” showed up on the screen. Wrote the dreaded 70-620 today for the third time and now I’m finally Microsoft Certified IT Professional Enterprise Administrator. (I can see why the abbreviation was born…)

Just wondering why the 620-test feels like it’s targeted towards home-users since most of the problems arising in the questions would never occur in an enterprise environment. Guess I’ll never know…

The famous Microsoft iSCSI target

Update: Don’t miss where I’m listing different iSCSI target software. Or the video which shows the installation of them and how to add one basic target. (I’m not testing advanced features or listing them though since we all have different needs and budgets)

Jose Barreto has posted an article on how to install the iSCSI software target on Windows Server 2008 over on Technet blogs: What’s kind of annoying is that the software is only released to OEM’s and not available from Microsoft otherwise. Today when the hype of virtualization is upon us again it’d be nice with that piece of complement in the setup. If you want to run Windows Server 2008 as an iSCSI target today there’s still software available.

I’ve found the following:

Starwind from Rocket Division
MySan from Nimbus (not tested on 2008)

iSCSI Enterprise Target Project

Have you found any other iSCSI target software? Let me know!

Server Core – What's in it for me?

Server Core, it’s sweet isn’t it? Well, it seems there’s a few of us who actually believe it is. There seems to be a huge misunderstanding that it’s hard to configure, hard to use and that it has to defend itself every time someone even thinks about selecting it from the install menu.

In a few videos I’ve shown how to install it, initial configuration and lastly how to install and configure a failover-cluster with iscsi on Server Core.

If you need more help and maybe some stuff to print out you can find it here:

Microsoft Server Core Step-by-Step-guide: has a guide too:

Jorge de Almeida Pinto has a guide also:

Sander Berkouwer has one too:

Andrew Masons blog:

Microsoft Technet Forums:

As you might have guessed by now, there’s a bunch of guides. There’s a bunch of users. CMD will get you eventually and rule the world probably.