Technet Update – Malmö

Just back at the hotel for a quick lunch and grabbing the bags after our presentation here in Malmö. Today went a lot better than yesterday when we visited Gothenburg. That’s probably because we changed the stuff that we got negative feedback on. We’ll get it right eventually…

Like we mentioned today, here are the slides. And those of you that asked questions you didn’t get answered can e-mail me at joachim.nasslander(at)

Here are the slides:

Session 1: TechnetUpdateSession1.ppt

Session 2: TechnetUpdateSession2.ppt

Session 3: TechnetUpdateSession3.ppt

Now it’s off to Umeå in northern Sweden, with a short stop at Bromma Airport for a change of plane.

 UPDATE: All session slides in a zip-archive, 4.9 mb – Get them here!

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  1. Excellent!
    Glömde att berömma… Jag tycker du är en mycket bra föredragshållare. Enkel och pratar så man fattar. Gott jobbat.
    Mvh Maue

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