Guide till ExpressRoute på svenska

Många av Microsofts kunder och partners har efterlyst en svensk guide till ExpressRoute. Jag har författat en och du hittar den här:!604757&authkey=!AGsA2PqL9E_qtC4&ithint=file%2cpdf

Register resource providers in Azure

These lines of PowerShell will help you register ALL resource providers in Azure in the selected subscription: # Login Add-AzureRmAccount # List subscriptions Get-AzureSubscription # Select subscription Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName “INSERT NAME HERE” # List all providers and register (if you only want specific ones, you must run commands manually) $providers …

Riverbed Force 21/5 in Stockholm

You haven’t missed Riverbed Force in Stockholm? They’re the makers of Steelhead for WAN optimization, bringing more speed to your links and enhancing the user experience. I have two sessions, one on getting your company connected to the cloud and one on cloud storage. Both with acceleration of course!

Creating a VPN gateway in Azure ARM using PowerShell

Spent a few days at a customer site building stuff. Needed some gateways in ARM (Azure Resource Manager) mode. The code below will create a gateway and all artifacts it depends upon. Use at your own risk 🙂 # Start here Login-AzureRmAccount # Variables $location01 = “West Europe” $networkname01 = “AzNet” …

Azure Handbook

Are you or a customer thinking about Microsoft Azure and what it’s all about? Well, now we’ve saved your weekend and you …